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Transaction activity from the landed home section has picked up since Stage 2 of reopening in June this past year. With increasing trades, costs have seen an uplift too. The premium between old and new homes has widened also.

By way of instance, at the Vanda private housing estate situated off Dunearn Road in prime District 11, a semi-detached home at Vanda Avenue has been offered for $9.1 million ($2,518 psf),” according to a caveat lodged past month.

The detached home in 13 Vanda Crescent, that sits on a land area of 4,298 sq feet, has been snapped up to $11.8 million ($2,745 psf) past September. This set a new high concerning psf costs for the Vanda neighbourhood.

The home sits on a slightly bigger land website of 4,754 sq feet, using a built-up region of 8,600 sq feet across three floors. It has a 20m lap pool.

“The marketplace for landed properties was strong over the last couple of decades,” observes Melvinfounder of Centra Group. But he foresees”a small deficit” because the majority of the inventory of recently constructed houses has been consumed.

It was the expectation of the increasing demand for these bungalows that directed to the Poh brothers of Centra Group into Vanda Crescent. “We’re drawn to the site since it’s raised, and the top floors provide a view of the surrounding area,” says Jason, managing director of Centra Group.

The homes at Vanda Crescent are perfect for the post-Covid age, notes Melvin. “People are spending more time at home nowadays,” he sees. “As a consequence, they need larger, well-thought outside living spaces. As a developer, we have to design houses with great design which will be valued by people who will eventually live there.”

Segregation of distance

The home in Vanda Crescent was equipped with a living area plus another dining area which could be closed off with sliding dock doors.

“It’s important to get a fantastic segregation of spaces inside the house, and we’ve been able to design the design of the home in a means which makes this separation barely noticeable,” says Jason.

The wet and dry kitchen are fully-fitted using top-of-the-range Gaggenau kitchen appliances. The wet kitchen includes a Viking stovetop and a food prep area — perfect for people who wish to amuse or invite a chef house to cook. The wet kitchen includes its own separate air unit unit. Past the wet kitchen is your service lawn, in addition to the helpers’ space that could accommodate two helpers.

The home has six en suite bedrooms on the top floors. There’s also a house lift inside the home. On the next degree, the developer has eliminated the partition wall between 2 of their bedrooms to make a spacious 700 sq feet space, which is equal to a top two-bedroom unit in fresh condos today.

“Buyers have advised us that they need a space that is just like a blank slate where they could layout to match their lifestyle requirements — they could turn the area into a house office or a workout zone,” says Melvin. “This tendency is affected by the widespread adoption of remote working and work-from-home structures since the pandemic began.”

Some parents have asked for a spacious bedroom which could accommodate each of their kids, particularly when they’re young. Thus, the 700 sq feet bedroom that includes two en suite baths, is excellent for this, he adds.

The master bedroom is just as spacious — perfect for people who wish to turn it to a suite with another workspace and sitting area. The master bedroom includes two entrances resulting in the walk-in cupboard as well as the master bath.

The area in the loft, that includes an en suite bath, is perfect as a work place or research and contains its very own pantry. In addition, it can be utilized as a home entertainment area or even a bedroom.

Contributing to sustainability

Both detached homes at Vanda Crescent were constructed with a solar inverter, which converts solar energy obtained from solar cells installed on the rooftop to enhance the energy needs of the home. Jason reckons the solar energy created is enough to power all of the energy needs of the home.

“As a developer, it’s crucial to supply a renewable energy alternative for the house owners,” he states. “By shifting towards other energy alternatives, as private developers, we could contribute positively to the built environment” Younger home buyers consider sustainability into account when house-hunting, he adds.

Centra Group was growing landed home since 2017. Their growth portfolio ranges from terraced homes to semi-detached homes, detached homes and decent Class Bungalows (GCBs).

On Belmont Road, among two GCBs developed by Centra Group was offered for $33.8 million ($2,243 psf) at August 2018.

Last September, the Pohs bought a detached home in 10 Dyson Road for about $14.35 million ($1,165 psf). The home sits on a freehold land area of 12, 323 sq feet, and may be redeveloped to four semi-detached homes, notes Melvin. “We like developing landed houses,” he adds. “We’re still actively obtaining new land parcels to keep our development pipeline.”